Thursday, April 02, 2009

Turning 40 and Starting Over

Just a couple days after turning 40, I found out that I was let go from my job along with 15 other employees at my company. I was not surprised-- we had been pretty slow. This makes it my third layoff in five years. Along with getting unemployment I will now be attending Adversity University and figuring out my next move.

On the positive side of getting laid off, being a free agent means that my possibilities are wide open. Yes there is plenty of anxiety that goes along with not knowing about what is ahead. At the same time, I also get excited about my future job opportunities. I think many people spend their job hunt scouring the ads looking for a company they will fit into. I have been guilty of this in the past. Today, I am excited about the possibility of creating my own opportunities. Thanks to blogs such as Escape from Cubicle Nation, Christine Kane’s Blog, Phil Gerbyshak, Work from Within and Tom Peters, I can dream about the possibility of doing work that has meaning to me. In addition, reading books and blogs from successful entrepreneurs such as Scott Ginsberg makes me realize and understand the amount of hard work and tenacity that goes into their success. I am prepared for this challenge.

Yes, there are many ways I can react to my adversity. I will have some tough days ahead, but I am ready to use my experience and wisdom that I have gained to bounce back and make a better life for myself.

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Phil Gerbyshak said...

Happy belated 40th Tim!

Sorry to hear about your job loss, but I am super excited about the possibility of whatever is next for you!

Here's to your success! Thanks for reading and contributing to my life!