Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reflections on My 40th Birthday

This weekend I turn 40 and, more than ever, it feels like time for reflection. As a high school and college student, I figured that I would be married and have kids by now. While I have achieved some career success, I feel my best is yet to come. As a student, I did what I was told, followed all the rules, and behaved myself. In life, I am realizing this philosophy will get you It has taken me this long to realize this.

I also realize that 40 is just a number. For one thing, I am thankful that I don’t look 40 (so I’ve been told). I am also thankful I don’t act too much like I’m 40. Yes, there are moments when I can be pretty serious, but I think I am a kid at heart. But, unlike a kid, I do not have time to burn. It is time for me to realize some of the dreams that I put off and also create new dreams. It is easy to put off and forget about our dreams as we get older. There are many reasons for this: marriage, kids, job, survival, and other responsibilities.

As my dad always reminds me, having another birthday is better than the alternative. Yes, there is so much I am grateful for: my health, my friends, a good mind, etc. But I am ready to mark my 40s with something big…I hope to do something of significance this year. I’m not ready to run a marathon, but I’m thinking about a long-distance bike ride or some other endurance event that requires some training…Something that will allow me to get in the best shape of my life (and get rid of the band of flab around my belly). I have always been rail-thin, so this band of flab is really new to me.

Beyond that, I am ready to take my life up to the next level in so many ways. So, if there is anyone out there who did something special for their 40th, I would love to hear about it. I am also open to any suggestions for ways to mark my 40th year in this life.

BTW, I have attached a clip of Keanu on David Letterman. I love the way Dave puts things in perspective about turning 40 at about a minute in…

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