Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Creativity: Just Do It!

If there is a topic that intrigues me more than any other, it would have to be creativity. I am instantly drawn to any book that explores the creative process and how to become more creative. While I do not consider myself artistic, I feel that I am creative. One of my favorite bloggers out there, Scott Ginsberg, wrote a great post today called 12 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creative Metabolism.

One of my favorite points that Scott makes is that “the medium is you.” It really has nothing to do with how well you can draw, paint, write, dance or sculpt. Personally, I feel creative when I can add a different ingredient to my omelet or cook something new and out of the ordinary. I feel creative when I can take a picture and focus on something that nobody else would notice in that photo. I feel creative when I can answer an email with a clever, seldom-used combination of words. I feel creative when I incorporate a new word into my conversation that I learned from something I just read. Creativity is about attitude, not about ability.

I have two main points when it comes to creativity (in my humble opinion):

1. We are all creative – too many of us think we are not creative.

2. Just do it! – don't worry about perfection, just enjoy the process. I am an expert procrastinator (see my previous entry about this) and I know when it comes to expressing myself creatively, I need to just do it more often. It is time to gain some creative momentum. Thanks for a great post Scott!

What is your favorite way to express your creativity?

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