Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kim and Jason Escaping Adulthood

If you have been feeling old, tired and can't remember the last time you had some fun, you might be suffering from a case of adultitis. There have been many times I have felt this way, especially in times of stress and in the uncertainty of the job hunt. While it's important to establish a routine of productivity, it's also important to establish some fun as well. Helping spread a cure for adultitis are my blog buddies Kim and Jason.

As you may have read in an earlier blog post of mine from last year, the Simplicity of Food, you know that I enjoy cooking - whether it be for myself or with my family and friends. Last month Kim and Jason explored this topic on their post, The Importance of Family Dinner. I had the opportunity to comment on their post and was fortunate that they read my comment on their Escape Adulthood show (see below).

By the way, if you or someone you know have been diagnosed with adultitis, you might want to download Kim and Jason's Escape Adulthood Manifesto.

I will have more on cooking, family dinner and creating your own manifesto in future posts.

Photo and video courtesy of Kim and Jason.


MindFul MiMi said...

Thanks for introducing me to Kim and Jason. I like them.

Jason of Kim and Jason said...

Thanks for the shout out, Tim. Love your blog title, by the way!

Tim said...

Hi Mimi: Thank you for stopping by.

Hi Jason: Thank you for the great work, er play, that you do on Escape Adulthood and for your feeback.

Anonymous said...
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