Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Update and Learning

I continue to work on the re-launch of this blog using WordPress and the Thesis theme. While Thesis makes customizing blogs much easier than many themes out there, I didn't anticipate all of the technical challenges that I've encountered. I've been dropping CSS code in at a not-so-furious pace. Three weeks ago, I wasn't familiar with CSS, but today I am dreaming about CSS code in my sleep. In true do-it-yourself fashion, I am scouring the very helpful Thesis support board and consulting my CSS in 24 Hours book. I am happy with the new design and excited to re-launch in a couple weeks.

Honestly, I'm amazed that I've been able learn this code and design the blog myself (though I cannot give myself too much credit since the design is very simple and clean). There have been plenty of moments that I have been more than willing to shell out money for some help. That would have been the easy way. But, somewhere in all of this coding, is a lesson for me. My instincts tell me that I may soon be helping other people with their blog and that these lessons will come in handy some day soon.

Besides dropping code into the custom stylesheet, I have attending some very interesting networking sessions and met some very talented people along the way. I will be sharing some of these thoughts soon on the new blog. The key point of emphasis that I wanted to stress is the opportunity for all of us to learn. No matter what challenge we're facing or how much we want to give up - we have the opportunity to overcome these challenges and become stronger.

I don't know much about the organization that created this video, but I found it interesting...

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