Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blog Update

First off, I want to thank everyone who has visited this blog, which continues to be a work in progress for me. During my last job search three years ago, I became quite obsessed with the wealth of creativity, entertainment and information provided by numerous bloggers. Some of my early favorites included Scott "The Nametag Guy" Ginsberg, Tom Peters, Christine Kane, Adpulp, and Brand Autopsy to name just a few.

There were two things that kept me from starting a blog at that time:

1) I was not ready and did not know what to say.

2) My work "hiatus" was shorter than I anticipated.

So I let my ideas simmer and started blogging in early 2008. I wasn't very sure of what I was doing so I blogged anonymously under my first name. Even worse, my "about me" section was virtually non-existent and I had great difficulty figuring out how and where to put my Google Analytics code.

These days, I feel like I've begun to hit a writing groove - on this blog and in other areas of my life, but I know my best work is still ahead of me. I am also feeling the urge to upgrade, so I will soon be switching to a hosted WordPress platform. Hopefully, this will be completed by the end of month. I will keep you posted with the new address.

In any case, the new version of 360 Degree Self will feature some improved content and a more detailed "about me" page. I welcome any feedback about what you have enjoyed here and what you would enjoy reading.

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yo. really like this ))